For Teens

For Teens 

Are you wishing for change?

Sometimes the things that need changing are outside of us. This can include our parents, the school we attend, or the community in which we are raised. As a teen there are so many important parts of life where it can feel as if you have little or no control.  And sometimes the things that need changing are inside of us, things we may wish to change about ourselves.

Many of my clients enter therapy wishing that they could be better at making friends, being more comfortable with their bodies and their sexuality, or being more efficient about getting their school work done. All of my clients share a wish to be happier and to be less consumed by worry. 

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How I work 

I start by listening carefully, so that I can understand your fears, joys, triumphs, challenges. Most importantly I want to understand what’s truly important to you, not what you think your parents or community are telling you should be important to you. 

Once I have a sense of both who you are and who you want to be, I listen for the coping strategies or life lessons that you have relied on so far to get there. Our pain can often be located in the gap between who we aspire to be and the choices we may be making that are in conflict with these core values. 

What you can expect 

We will talk and share. You’ll tell me your stories and I’ll share a few of my own. I’ll encourage you to consider different ways to get your needs met…and I’ll ask you to go back home and try them. All change involves some work. And with your permission, if there are things that need changing at home or school, we can involve parents and teachers as well. 

A walk in the woods 

Sometimes my teen and young adult clients prefer meeting for a walk in the woods. Weather permitting this can be a nice way to explore challenging issues outside of the confines of an office’s four walls. If you are interested in this option please ask your parent or caregiver if it’s ok with them. 

Take care. 

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Dr. Richlin 

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