Dr. Andrew Richlin 


I treat teens, college students, and adults 

Dr. Andrew RIchlin, Licensed Psychologist

For 25 years I have supported individuals and families through crisis. I have a deep respect for the challenges facing young people in this world, and an equally deep respect for the challenges faced by their parents. I use humor and appropriate self-disclosure to guide and support my clients’ growth. You can expect that treatment with me will be gently directive, clear and results oriented. 

I treat Anxiety, Depression, Low Self-Esteem, Procrastination, School Avoidance, Social Phobia, ADHD, OCD, Parenting Challenges, and Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity Issues. To facilitate change I rely heavily on evidence-based treatment strategies including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). 

From teens through adults, each life stage presents unique developmental challenges. I bring over two decades of experience and advanced training to this work. I listen carefully to your needs and craft client-focused solutions specific to your challenges or those of your child. 


I have a combined Master and Doctorate in Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology. Prior to this I received a BA from Colgate University in History, and an MS from Pratt institute in Design. Before starting graduate school for Psychology I worked for 10 years in both New York and Los Angeles as an illustrator, educator, and a designer of both custom furniture and interiors. 

My doctoral training in Psychology included two APA approved internships; the first in the counseling department at Cal Poly Pomona where I treated college students, the second at the Ann Singer Center in Beverly Hills, CA where I received advanced training in child and family therapy. I continued at the Julia Ann Singer Center for a post-doctoral year where my responsibilities included direct clinical service to children and families as well as supervision of Masters level clinicians in training. 

My doctoral project focused on the pedagogy of undergraduate design education. I researched and developed teaching methods expected to enhance creativity in the classroom. As part of this project I designed and implemented undergraduate studio courses at the LA campus of the Fashion Institute for Design and Merchandising. 

The life path I took towards a career in counseling was neither straight nor narrow. These broad and varied life experiences infuse the work I do as a psychologist and help me facilitate the change that moves my clients towards health and well-being. 

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