Dr. Andrew Richlin 

Licensed Psychologist 

I treat teens, college students and adults. 

Dr. Andrew RIchlin, Licensed Psychologist

For 25 years I have supported individuals and families through life’s challenging moments. To do this I focus on finding calm. With a calmer mind and heart comes the clarity needed to untangle all of the other challenges with which we struggle.

To help clients achieve their treatment goals I follow the evidence-based principals of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). I listen as well for the coping strategies that you or your child have developed to deal with life’s stressors. Together we celebrate those that have moved your life forward in a healthy way, and reconsider those that have not.

Each life stage presents unique developmental challenges. I bring the advanced training and listening skills necessary to track and understand this evolution from teenager to young adult and beyond. I listen carefully to your needs and craft client-focused solutions specific to your challenges or those of your child.  You can expect that I will communicate clearly, and that yours or your child’s treatment will be gently directive and results oriented.

Let’s see how I can be helpful to you. 

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 Dr. Andrew Richlin, PsyD

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